UK Barclays Telephone

Phones are one of the single most important parts of our lives. We’re constantly using them, whether for work or play. It’s an open door to both our banks and our most private moments. But despite that importance we’re usually remarkably casual with our phones.

People tend to just keep their phones in a pocket or bag and not really give it much thought. Anyone who was giving furtive glances while typing a password into their phone would surely get some odd looks in return. But in reality, it makes sense to be somewhat guarded when holding our phones. The only difference between our phones and an ATM is that our phones can be easily lost or stolen.

But this concern is also why many people are turning to financial institutions to protect their phone safety. For example, the contact number for Barclays isn’t just used for financial transactions or investments. These days an increasingly large number of people are turning to this established institution for phone insurance.

People who know Barclays history might be a bit surprised by the fact that they have a Tech Pack plan. One of the bigger selling points for Barclays is age. The amount of time that they’ve been active depends a lot on how you define things. But even a fairly strict definition has Barclays operating for over a hundred years. They conjure up images of stability. It’s easy to imagine people in the company with carefully maintained documents that date back before anyone alive now was even born.

Thinking of a financial institution such as that handling high-tech solutions might seem counterintuitive at first. But the longevity is also why they’re so adaptable. Financial institutions who don’t know how to predict their customers’ needs can’t last through changing trends. Barclays has been able to last because they’ve understood the economic impact of new technologies right from the start.

Their Tech Plan is further evidence that Barclays understands how quickly the world changes. All it takes for someone to get started with them is a reasonably small initial investment. One must first have an account with Barclays. The company doesn’t insist on any waiting periods or the like though. One can easily open an account and then sign up for the Tech Plan. But it’s easy to opt into the plan whether one is a new or established customer.

From that point it only costs £12.50 a month to receive £1,500 worth of insurance for up to four devices. That return isn’t shared between the devices either. Every item covered on the plan has the £1,500 applied to it. That means people don’t need to worry about leaving various items behind due to a lack of insurance. And this finally allows someone to guard their phones or tablets as they would any other vital part of life.