UK Tesco Mobile Telephone

Tesco Mobile is a “mobile virtual network operator”, that provides mobile phone service to customers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Slovakia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Tesco Mobile started in May 2003. This company offers 4G coverage for 99% of the United Kingdom.

Tesco Mobile telephone has the motto of “every little help.” This is because they offer their customers flexible phone plans. In addition to the affordable plans, Tesco provides incentives to its customers with the “Clubcard”, and discounted family plans.

The plans offered by Tesco are customer friendly. Customers can pick the plans that fit their budget and the plans can have buffers added to them so that they bill never changes or goes over what they agreed upon. Customers can choose the 24-month plan or the “Anytime Upgrade Flex Plan”, that offers 12-36-month plans. “Pay as you go”, plans called “Rocket Plans”, are also available for customers. This type of plan offers 3-8 GBs of data and up to 5000 minutes.

Tesco runs on the O2 Network (except in Hungary and Ireland) so coverage is exceptional. They also offer top of the line phone choices for their customers. Customers can also trade in old phones to reduce their monthly bills.

The incentives offered by Tesco provide their customers with ways to lower their monthly costs through extra data, extra minutes, Clubcard points for each month of service. With the Clubcard, customers can receive points for every pound they spend. This allows customers to have complete control of their phone plan.

With its customers in mind, reviews of how this company operates are highly rated. Tesco has had very few customer complaints as customers report that they are happy with their service and mobile reception. Customer service wait times are very short, which is pleasing and paramount to their customers. Customer service can also be obtained either by email, live chat, Facebook or Twitter. This feature is very beneficial to customer satisfaction as the wait time for questions or concerns is 38 seconds. This is exceptional in today’s online industry.

Tesco Mobile is a company that keeps its customer’s concerns as its top priority. By offering flexible phone plans, great phones, and excellent phone coverage. Tesco is succeeding in the telecommunications network and winning numerous awards for its coverage and customer service.

Tesco Mobile can be contacted by phone at 0345 301 4455 for general questions about their products or plans.